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2027-09-14 06:45 pm
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The story won't necessarily be posted in chronological order. In a desperate bid for sanity, may I present
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2027-09-14 06:34 pm

This fic-journal is friends-only!

The writing which shall ensue is mostly rated M, although sometimes creeps to MA (R for Americans), due to sex, violence, foul language and all that other good stuff.

More sexual than the Princess Bride, more gritty than Zorro, and more desert than Pirates of The Carribbean, welcome to the world of Kumansi, lovingly mocked by our narrator, Sorin Zetsu.

Comment to be added, and let the chaos begin...

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2007-09-21 12:45 pm
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Extras - Advanced Tea Theory

This one takes place someone in between Book 2 and Book 3. Ramil is narrating. The prompt is from [ profile] 100treasures. Also, as of 1/12/07, this entry is no longer friends-locked and open for anyone to read.

Advanced Tea Theory )
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2007-09-14 07:39 pm

Book 1, chapter 1: From the pot and into the fire

As of 1/12/07, this entry and some of the one-shots are publicly viewable, for anyone wanting to preview this story. 'We're going,' Kross said, rifle on his back and akubra on his head. 'Get in. )
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2007-09-14 06:31 pm

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"Sometimes we don't always want what's best for us..."