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The story won't necessarily be posted in chronological order. In a desperate bid for sanity, may I present
the index?

The entire story is friends-locked, expect for the first chapter and some of the one-shots, just to provide a preview to those who want one.

Book 1 - Damaged Goods [tentatively titled, rewrite in progress, posted as it's written]

Part 1 - The Mine. Introductions. For the sake of Idande's pride.
Chapter 1 - Out of the pot and into the fire.
In which Sorin finds himself in rather a spot of life-threatening danger.

Chapter 2 - When Sorin met Ramil, The first day, The full reality of the situation.
In which our cast begins to assemble and hit off right away.

Chapter 3 - Misery and Hysteria, Confrontations, Crunch Time
In which our protagonist is rather unhappy with his situation and finally decides to stop angsting and deal with it.

Chaper 4 - Plans and setbacks, Falling, Awakening
In which the shit really hits the fan. 

Part 2 - Dunes. Escape. Desperation.

Chapter 5 - Escape, A Dream.
In which our two protagonists finally escape, get exposed to backstory, and the plot thickens.

Chapter 6 - Thirst, Fever.
In which our two protagonists would really like a drink, please.

Part 3 - The Inn of the Butterfly Oasis. Becoming acquainted.

Chapter 7 - Respite, Answers
In which Sorin finds himself saved but answering some rather awkward questions.

Chapter 8 - Ramil's recovery, Butterflies, Strangers
In which our heroes recover and extremely polite to everyone. 

Chapter 9 - Customer service, Non-customer service, Breakthrough
In which the UST is resolved, and not to be left out, Orpah generates Drama.

Chapter 10 - Orpah speaks, Sorin decides, Preparations to leave
In which Orpah reveals his past and Sorin likewise to get his life back together.

Part 4 - Travelling. The kukara and the magpie.

Chapter 11 - Next stage of the journey, Nomads, a shaman and the kukara
In which the journey is resumed a bit more is revealed about Sorin's nomadic heritage.

Chapter 12 - Opening the way, Opening the mind
In which Ramil reveals a little about his own past and the two come to an understanding of sorts.

Part 5 - Edom. Decisions.

Chapter 13 - A devious plan and a devious con
In which Ramil proves that he has no issues with being immoral, so long as it isn't illegal. Sorin has issues coming to terms with this.

Part 6 - Rainforest. The bloodhound. Thella.

Chapter 14 - Welcome to hell, Enter the peanut gallery, Meet the locals
In which Sorin encounters such lovely things as rain and mosquitos for the first time and wishes he hadn't.

Chapter 15 - Threatened, Threatening, Fear
In which it becomes clear that there are worse things than mosquitos out there.

Chapter 16 - Pursued, Warning, Pursuit
In which confrontation becomes inevitable...

Part 7 - Fade. Erania. New Year

Chapter 17 - Fade, Drifting, Unfamiliar Ceiling
In which Sorin is genuinely surprised not to have woken up dead

Book 2 - Currently Untitled [in progress]

Book 3 - Awakening [not yet]

Book 4 - For The Term Of His Unnatural Life [not yet]

Extras and fragments:
Snippets and short stories from outside the main storyline

Fear Of The Fall
Another Fine Mess
Advanced Tea Theory 

A little on the desert region 

A 'brief' description of the major deities of the world and the creation myth.
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