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This journal is a collection of da_staplerthief's original fiction, set in a Renaissance-era fantasy universe. Included herein are the exploits of one Sorin Zetsu, the slave known for his over-fondness of morbid humour, bad puns, strong tea and one Ramiro Modarin, resident merchant and meglomaniac, with an ego to match.

Sorin has decided that dying horribly is not high up on his list of priorities. Ramil finds himself similarly inclined. Together they are attempting to make a frantic (barefoot) dash for freedom across a desert which apparently is ganging up on them with their pursuers. The plan is to make it to civilisation and live boringly ever after. A couple of deities, suitably angsty backstory and the characters' own mafia-like families suggest otherwise. And that's just for starters.

Added features include Gods Gone Wild, anatomically possible sex! (curse ye yaoi fans!), a host of weird and wacky characters, and a great many Australianisms.

The most common weapons are subtlety and hired thugs, the most costly of currencies iron. Swinging heroically from chandeliers leads to dislocated shoulders and hot wax going everywhere. Yet somehow, there's always some bastard who can pull if off...

Are you in?

Obligatory warning: This journal contains sex, violence, sex and violence, yaoi/slash, fairly frequent coarse language and psychological abuse in retrospect. Does that put you off or intrigue you further?

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adventure, anti-cliche, black humour, confused mortals, d/s, desert survival, fallable gods, idande, kink, merchants, mythology, original fiction, political warfare, politics, power-struggles, ramil, rapiers, snarky humour, sorin, swashbuckling, the renaissance, thella
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